Mauritius Watersport Activities

Mauritius’ almost year-round sunny weather coupled with its sparkling blue sea waters make the island a perfect get-away for water sport enthusiasts. The waters of Mauritius support a wide range of water sport activities that keep tourists entertained during their vacation. Such activities include diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, sailing, kayaking, and even an underwater walk.

Most large hotels offer scuba diving packages. Moreover, they also have on-site diving instructors to guide novices in their first scuba diving experience. These instructors are often members of the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI). Usually, the basic instructions are taught at the hotel swimming pool before the actual dive is done on deeper sea waters. There are also centers along the coasts of Mauritius that offer diving trips for either a single or a group dive. The prices range from US$50 to US$400 per person depending on the kind of dives (beginner, refresher or professional dives). If you already had your first taste of this water sport, take dive trips that would take you to ship wreckages that are fascinating to watch. You might also consider going to the northern islands to view the big fishes – sharks, marlins and barracudas – which are not normally present in the “usual” dive trips.

Those who prefer shallow-water sports may go snorkeling, which is very popular in Mauritius. Most large hotels and resorts offer free snorkeling gear to their patrons. Those who are staying in resorts that do not have this package may go to dive centers. These centers usually have snorkeling gear for rent. There are good snorkeling spots close to the Mauritian shoreline, but one of the best is situated north of Mauritius – Gabriel Island – which is about a 2-hour trip.

Windsurfing and Kite surfing
Mauritian waters are perfect for these two water sports. The waters are shallow and, especially from June to September, the trade winds blow the strongest. These water sports are so popular that there have been numerous competitions, including World Championships, in Mauritius. Boathouses along the beachside offer both instruction and surfing equipment.

Weather conditions in Mauritius are perfect for sailing. Small sailing dinghies are available at most large resort hotels, while yachts may be chartered for excursions involving larger groups. Sailing can also be combined with other water sports such as snorkeling.

Sea Kayaking
This is another water sport which will allow you to enjoy the picturesque beaches of Mauritius. If you are a beginner, you may try your hand at Péreybère, where paddle signals and techniques are being taught. Those who already have honed their skills at this water sport may depart towards Ile d’Ambre, an island to the northeast of Mauritius. On the north coast, you may go to Kalodyne, where you also get the opportunity to stop at the reef and snorkel.

Underwater Walk
Those who may not be too adventurous to go diving (or those who simply don’t want to get wet) but who would nevertheless wish to see the beauty of life underwater, will largely benefit from glass-bottomed boats operated by many hotels. There is also the option of walking on the seabed in a dive helmet and weighted boots. While not exactly a water sport, this is an exciting activity for both kids and adults alike.

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