Savanne, a Carming, Idyllic Paradise

The southern tip of the island-state of Mauritius offers tons of excitement for the travel weary tourist. Savanne, a small district with a population of around 66,000 and an area of 243 square kilometers, is a haven for everyone. Its capital is Souillac, named after François Vicomte de Souillac who was the Dutch governor of the island from 1779 to 1787. This district hosts some of the more picturesque and unspoiled areas in Mauritius.

SavanneWith its humid climate, Savanne district has nourished lush greeneries and rich forests. The tranquil and captivating beauty of the island has attracted thousands of visitors, locals and foreigners alike. Unlike other districts in Mauritius, Savanne speaks loudly of a relaxed atmosphere. Summer is considered the best time to visit the district since winter is usually characterized by strong winds. Towering over the district are the Savanne Mountains, strong and powerful backdrops that likewise give contrast to an otherwise beautiful setting.

Aside from its rustic appeal, Savanne district boasts of friendly and conversant residents who can readily offer a smile and help to most tourists. The residents of Savanne are mostly engaged in traditional sources of livelihood such as farming and agriculture.

The capital town of Savanne, Souillac, hosts not a few historical remnants. Some of these historical sports are the police station, church, court, and Batelage Quay, or the old railway station. Another destination with historical significance is the house of celebrated Mauritian artist Robert Edward Hatt. His house called La Nef has since then been made into a museum which displays some important historical artifacts of Savanne.

In and around Souillac, a handful of structures give visitors a sampling of the historical past of Savanne district. But the capital of Savanne district itself remains a modest seaside resort nestled amidst the hardy coasts. It has high cliffs that complement the sturdy winds and splashes of the sea. Visitors might also be interested in visiting a garden named in the honor of Dr. Charles Telfair which overlooks the sea.

Another attraction in Souillac is the La Vanille Crocodile Farm which is just a stone’s throw away from the large village of Riviére des Anguilles and just across a large sport of tropical rainforest. Nature lovers would appreciate the very tranquil and home-like mood in this crocodile farm. Another similar place of interest is the Telfair Garden, with its vegetation areas lush and rich despite being often visited by cyclones and similar weather disturbances.

There are many resorts spread along the pristine white sand beaches of Savanne. Apart from these attractions are other natural wonders that leave a mark on any traveler’s memoirs. Rochestere Falls, for one, boast of an awe inspiring and breathtaking splendor that offers an alternative to other beach resorts. Visitors would have to trek onwards the falls, and even cross a sugar estate for an added trekking experience. The falls itself is joined by rock formations formed through the contraction of lava in prehistoric times. Water comes down from a spectacular elevation of close to 33 feet.

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