Revealing The Richness of Riviere du Rempart

Rivière du Rempart typifies what the island-country of Mauritius is: lovely, charming, and serene. This northeastern district of Mauritius is blessed with great beaches and rich marine life, which is exactly what the country is known for.

Rivière du Rempart is one of the biggest districts in the country. Its capital is Mapou but the most prosperous town is the world famous resort called Grand Baie. It also has big towns such as Cap Malheureux and Grand Gaube both of which have breathtaking coastlines, as well as other places of interest like Antoinette and Plaine des Papayes. The district is squeezed in between the Mauritian capital of Port Lous and the district of Grand Port.   

But Rivière du Rempart’s beauty is defined by the picturesque town of Grand Baie, a bay shaped like a horse-shoe and populated by a wide range of establishments ranging from hotels, bars, restaurants, and designer shops. This resort is known all over the world for its breathtaking sights, rich underwater life, and white sand beach. Many tourists troop to this town to experience the ultimate in tropical living. Proof of the progress in this town is the fact that it is the only place in Mauritius where bars and restaurants are independent from the resorts.

Grand BaieThe popular Mauritian leisure activities can be experienced here in Grand Baie. Tourists can have fun doing watersports, snorkeling, diving and riding on glass-bottomed vessels. Along the coastline, many tourists leisurely walk on the powder white sand, while not a few enjoy just spending time under the sun.

There are also a good number of islands in the area which can be visited through boat excursions. These islands are mostly situated north of Rivière du Rempart. A short list of the islands tourists can visit and explore include: Gunners' Quoin, Flat Island, Round Island, and Serpent Island. These islands boast of lusciously green forests and powdery white sand.

Truly, Grand Baie is a tropical paradise. Rivière du Rempart however is not only about Grand Baie. There are also other enthralling sights and places to visit in the Rivière du Rempart district. One of them is the village of Péreybère. This village also has its own captivating and white sand beach, and crystal clear blue waters. The marine life is also topnotch. Although it does not have the number of commercial establishments that dots Grand Baie, Péreybère is still a perfect place to experience life on the beach. Tourists can also enjoy the different activities in the village such as underwater waking, fishing, and island hopping.

Rivière du Rempart has definitely evolved from a small fishing town to a world-class tourist destination. What has also captivated tourists is the warmth and friendliness of the people of Rivière du Rempart. The people of Rivière du Rempart always welcome their guests with a friendly and warm smile. They are always ready to help their visitors and share a good meal with them. The people of Rivière du Rempart are also noted for being closely-knit.

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