Port Louis

Port Louis

Visiting the lovely island-state of Mauritius? Then the first area you should go to is Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius. Port Louis also happens to be the most historic and progressive metropolitan area in the island.

Port Louis is named after King Louis XV of France. It was discovered by Frenchmen in the 1700s when they were looking for a temporary refuge for their vessels plying around the Cape of Good Hope.


Through the years, Port Louis has caught the fancy of many travelers for its beautiful sights and awe-inspiring landscape. The city is surrounded by the picturesque mountain range called the Port Louis Moka Range. The mountain range includes Le Pouce and Pieter Both which rise some 800 meters above sea level.

Port Louis has several historical spots that can whet the appetite of tourists and history buffs alike. There’s the Fort Adelaide built by British sailors in the 1830. It towers over the harbor, giving you a good spot of the Port Louis coastline. This spot was a garrison and is believed to have been built to protect the British from any war they might get into with French sailors.

There’s also the Windmill Museum, where visitors can take pictures with the beautiful windmill as the backdrop. The windmill was originally conceived to provide flour to workers in the harbor, until it was left empty by the turn of the 20th century.

When you are in Port Louis, you can also drop by the Champ de Mars, acknowledged as the earliest race course to be established this side of the Indian Ocean. This place has been the site of various historic events in Mauritian lore, particularly rallies that led to the declaration of the country’s independence in 1968.

Being the most progressive area in Mauritius, Port Louis is the busiest in the island. Traffic can be grueling from 8 in the morning up to 5 in the afternoon, especially since this is the time when most workers report to their offices. Port Louis also houses the country’s financial district, where major local and foreign companies hold office. Going around town, tourists can check out the Jummah Mosque and Kadafi Square, both of which are renowned for their sumptuous servings of local delicacies.

Port Louis boasts of an impressive and progressive skyline as high rise buildings tower over the area. This is a result of the construction boom in the past decades, and which boosted the country’s rise to economic prosperity.

First time visitors can start their tour of the city by strolling down the streets of the city. There are also hundreds of shopping stalls and several shopping centers for those wanting to buy souvenirs. Since Mauritius has earned the distinction as a duty-free country, there are thousands of bargain goods to satisfy bargain hunters. Shoppers are advised to drop by the Port Louis Central Market which is a bargain’s haven.
There are also a handful of good hotels and restaurants to satisfy your thirst for urban life.

Indeed, Port Louis is an exciting, vibrant, and exotic place that can be of interest to any tourist. Being the gateway of the beautiful island-state of Mauritius, Port Louis defines everything good and lovely about the country.  

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