Mauritius Local Food & Drink

Local FoodAside from shopping, a travel to an unfamiliar place can never be complete if you were to go home without tasting any of the local food that the place caters. Moreover, there are also drinks and other concoctions that you should not miss. Each local food and drinks has its own story to tell. Whether you go for a spicy delicacy or an exotic cuisine, Mauritius has it all for you. So prepare your taste buds and your stomach as you take a sip and indulge in all the best tasting foods of the island of Mauritius.

Since the island of Mauritius is very rich in culture, there is also a wide variety of local food and drinks in this tourist destination. It ranges from different cuisines such as European, Indian, Kreol, as well as Chinese. Mostly, the foods are either fried or cooked using other styles where chefs are definitely serving it in a very hygienic condition. If you want to have a taste of local food having an Indian (for those who like it spicy) or a Chinese touch, you can see a lot of local restaurants in the streets serving fast foods, snacks, and drinks.

Donít expect a fried rice on your hotel breakfast menu here in Mauritius. Local food such as bread and cheese are the typical foods served during breakfast. However, you may also ask for a few eggs, bacon, and alike. But the local residents of the island prefer to have the left over viands from dinner as part of their daily breakfast. During lunch as well as dinner, most of the local foods are served with rice. Some of the local delicacies that you must try are the Carri Sauve Souris (also known as the Bat Curry), the Octopus Vindaloo (or the Octopus cooked in mustard seed sauce and turmeric), and of course, the wild boar meat cooked in curry sauce. Usually, it is accompanied by drinks such as whisky or wine. However, most people prefer to have drinks like the Phoenix Pilsner beer or the Seybrew beer.

Coctail DrinksOf course, being near the water, local food also includes excellent tasting and fresh seafoods. However, it is up to you how you want it to be cooked. Local food cooked with seafoods is usually baked or grilled. There are also several restaurants giving complimentary drinks along with your seafood delicacy. Usually these complimentary drinks are given in hotels and other luxurious restaurants.

Aside from the one-of-a-kind local food here in Mauritius, there are also must-try drinks in the island. This includes the Alouda and of course, their sweet-tasting coconut milk. The Alouda are for those who wanted to taste exotic drinks since it is a juice made from tamarind. It is great with local food having exotic flavors as well such as the chili sauce cooked with fresh pineapple or the so-called Dholl Puri. Prices vary depending on the menu and of course, depending on where you would eat with your friends or family.


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