Famous Golf Resorts in Mauritius

Golf ResortFor those who are in Mauritius for a luxurious vacation, golf is one of the activities that they surely do not want to miss. And since Mauritius is becoming one of the islands on Earth that is rapidly gaining popularity among tourists and frequent travelers, there are now many real estate properties turned into golf resorts by many investors. This is now considered by many fanatics and enthusiasts as one of the paradise for golfers. Not only that these resorts offer challenging courses but captivating views at the same time. Surely, even those who are not interested in the sport would love to spend the day here in these resorts.

The most popular golf resort here in Mauritius is the course called Belle Mare Plage. Belle Mare Plage has been operating since 1994. They owe the design of the golf course to the creative mind of a South African local named Hugh Biaocchi. He is also considered as one of the most brilliant and highes paid architects in the region. Since then, the sport has never been the same in Mauritius. The famous trademarks of Belle Mare Plage are the two courses with eighteen holes located in a lush environment.

Another famous golf resort in the island of Mauritius where even the most famous golfers play is the Le Saint Geran. It is also called as the Grande Dame of Mauritius. The One & Only Le Saint Geran also has very challenging courses designed by Gary Player. Gary Player popularly known as the “Black Knight”, is actually the eighteenth member of the golf academy called David Leadbetter. Moreover, he has also designed more than two hundred courses all over the world. There are also other recreational facilities in this resort including cycling, horseback riding, scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, and more.

And of course, who would forget the oldest golf resort in the island that is very much well-maintained up until now. Although the Gymkhana Club does not offer much complexities compared to the modern courses in Mauritius, it is still one of the most visited golf courses in the island. It has an 18-hole course that has the most affordable price out of all other courses in Mauritius. This is where most residents of the island enjoy golfing because of its inexpensive rate. If you are a newbie in this sport, the Gymkhana Club is the best place to practice all that golfing skills.

The golf courses in Mauritius are not just for the professionals or for those who can spend a lot of money paying for the expensive rates, caddies, and other necessary equipments for the sports. It is also a place where amateurs and alike can simply enjoy the sport. You have various choices as to which golf resort would you like to go to depending on your budget. Moreover, there is no other luxurious island in the world that can give you the thrill of golfing and the fun in watching panoramic sights at the same time.

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