The Festive Feel of Flacq

Flacq is typical of everything exciting about Mauritius, that tropical paradise just south of Africa. The beaches are powdery white, the water is crystal blue, and the sights are simply picturesque. The people are warm and friendly. At the outskirts of Flacq are shopping centers that offer just about anything. Indeed, Flacq is everyone's dream destination.

Located in the eastern portion of Mauritius, Flacq is the largest district in the country with an area of 298 square kilometers. The district is also one of the more populous, with around 130,000 residents living here. Flacq is blessed with natural attractions that rival those from other districts of Mauritius. It has a lot of beautiful tropical beaches that serve as irresistible magnet for tourists.

Ile Aux CerfsThere’s the tiny island of Ile aux Cerfs, which is a haven for those who love water sports. The island is named as the deer island, presumably because of the large number of deer that lived in it. However, the island does not have that much deer

as of late. What remains though is the island's natural beauty.

Many actually believe that this beach is actually the most beautiful not only in Flacq, but also in Mauritius. Many refer it

as the Mini Eden of Mauritius. It has white sand and clean bluish waters. It also boasts of having the best hotel this side of the district, offering water sports activities and even golf games. Tourists spend at least a day on the island, touring the various spots and enjoying its surroundings. With all of these attractions, it is no wonder why an average of 800 people flock to this island everyday.

Another frequently visited destination in Flacq is the town of Poste de Flacq where upscale commercial establishments dominate the surroundings. Here, high-end facilities such as grandiose villas and tropical gardens are common sights. Golf lovers will also love the place since there is an 18-hole golf course. Nightlife is outstanding since there are many bars and restaurants to choose from. These establishments regularly offer various cultural shows and musical nights, giving Flacq such a festive atmosphere nightly.

For the cost-conscious, there are also less expensive ways to experience the grandeur of Flacq. Around town are hundreds of budget-friendly inns and local restaurants to serve the cost-conscious traveler. There are stalls in the streets and inexpensive diners. During weekends, the streets come to life with tons of sellers vending tropical fruits and delicacies. Don't worry though, the mood around these establishments is also festive and friendly, affording any traveler the kind of pleasure he’s been looking for.

Flacq is also particularly noted for its open air market. Here, various goods are sold in low, low prices. Many inhabitants from the eastern side of the island flock to the market to trade their commodities. The market is colorful and festive, making it another must-experience for tourists in Flacq.

With its rare combination of rich natural resources, high-end commercial establishments, and fun-loving residents, it is no mystery why Flacq continues to maintain its stature as one of the best and well-loved districts in Mauritius.

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