The Beauty of Black River

Black River Gore

Nature lovers will undoubtedly fall for the charms

of the Black River district in Mauritius. Blessed with lush tropical forests and rugged terrains, Black River has been one of the country's biggest tourist magnets.

While it is considered the third largest district in the country in terms of land area, Black River is said to be the one of the least populous. This tells a lot about the tranquility and mystical charm of Black River and how it offers a distinct type of nature-tripping experience to many tourists.

Here's a bit of trivia: the district got its name from the fact that it is the driest part of the island. This part of the island receives the smallest amount of rainfall per year. As a consequence, many fishing villages in Black River have been transformed into tourist places such as inns to take advantage of the booming tourism industry in the province.

Some of the more popular destinations here are the Tamarin Falls, the Black River Gorge National Park and Chamarel colored earth. The former is actually a series of seven falls noted for their sparkling cold water and attractive surroundings. Those coming from Curepipe can take a bus to Henrietta and then walk towards Tamarin Falls. The path isn't a catwalk but of course, this is such an experience for nature lovers. The trek can be over in an hour or so, but the ordeal will be greatly rewarded by the picturesque sights of the Tamarin Falls. For safety reasons, it is advisable for tourists to enlist the help of a tour guide.

Another popular attraction there's the Chamarel colored Earth. Located in the tranquil village of Chamarel in the heart of Black River district, the colored earths were formed from volcanic rocks that cooled off at different temperatures. The end product is a captivating pattern of colors ranging from yellow, red, blue, and green colored earth formed in the hillsides. There is also the Chamarel Falls where tourists can cool their heels after a long day of trekking.

The Black River Gorges National Park is another attractive destination for nature lovers. It houses rare species of plants and birds most of which are only found in the island-state. Built in an area covering 6,574 hectares, the spacious park promotes the protection and care of wild species while giving an opportunity to visitors to experience the joys of being in touch with nature.

Some of the more noteworthy species found here are Bois de Natter trees, which are usually covered with plants such as orchids and lichens. There are also native birds like the Pink Pigeon and the Mauritius Kastrel, both of which are being re-propagated in the Mauritian forests. There are white tailed tropic birds and the fruit bats which hover around the park, giving visitors another good reason to enjoy their stay in the area. Its intricate, large landscape likewise gives visitors more backdrops to take photos with their companions. With its beautiful natural attractions and homey appeal, Black River is a paradise. There's no wonder why many tourists in Mauritius find visiting the Black River district an essential part of their Mauritius tour.

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